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We interpret media coverage to uncover
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Focal Points constructs analysis reports based on your media coverage.

We assess editorial content and perform social media analysis.

Our insights allow your business to manage its brand reputation.

With AI technology, we bring you the information you need to adapt your media strategies.

The Technology that Powers Focal Points

Natural language processing (NLP), which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allows computers to understand the meaning of language and the emotions – or sentiment – expressed in words and sentences.

Using NLP and machine learning, we have boosted our sentiment analysis capabilities to produce comprehensive media intelligence reports that drill deeper into brand perception and reputation. This technology lets us rapidly analyse the sentiment of media clips with near-100% accuracy.

Machine learning also allows our AI engine to discover emerging trends, topics and issues within media coverage. The engine uses entity extraction to pick up keywords that are being repeated with increased frequency in media clips. We include these keywords, and an analysis of the issues around them, in our in-depth reports. These reports give our clients a comprehensive overview of their media coverage.

Why we use AI

Why humans and machines work better together

Reporting Solutions

We encourage co-creation with our clients to ensure that the insights and reporting they receive are relevant and that it aligns to their unique needs. Our reports are manually compiled by our team and include detailed narrative insights and graphics to illustrate our findings. Natural Language Processing systems (NLP), powered by artificial intelligence (AI), support our analysis by providing sentiment results in real-time.

Each analysis report is tailored to your specific needs and can include a combination of any of the below solutions:

Social Insights

Analyses social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This report is especially valuable for campaigns and events to determine the level of social engagement and the impact of your brand messages. It also helps you stay up to date with key social conversations surrounding your brand.

Brand Image

An analysis based on your brand image. Sentiment or Favourability analysis is used to classify your coverage according to the way in which your organisation is being portrayed in the media. This report includes a narrative explanation and statistical overview of favourable and unfavourable media coverage to illustrate your brand’s reputation.

Media Trends

Provides concise insights and summaries into media coverage topics. AI technology is used to assist our team in identifying the most prominent media trends within your organisation’s coverage. This report is essential for internal communication and providing feedback to executive committees.

Brand Benchmarking

A comparison of your coverage to that of your competitors. This report includes key metadata so that you can benchmark your organisation against prominent industry players. It also provides actionable insights, which can be used to identify opportunities and help you stay up to date with the latest news in your industry.


Ad Hoc reports based on specific media topics, such as campaigns, events and launches. This report analyses a specific topic before, during and after media exposure to highlight peaks in your coverage, and discusses the development of the topic over a certain period. It can also include Sentiment or Favourability analysis, as well as any other metrics which are aligned to your communications objectives.

Branded Newsletter

A customised news report providing weekly insights. Your media coverage is analysed to highlight important mentions of your brand. The insights are presented in a personalised newsletter that is available online. This ensures accessibility and easy distribution for internal and external communication.

About Us

Focal Points is a media and brand intelligence agency that specialises in corporate brand insights within the traditional and social media spheres. Our team provides qualitative and quantitative narrative reporting solutions aligned to your requirements.

We deliver narrative and statistical analysis in an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive report format. Because our solutions are tailored to your exact needs, you get actionable insights that align with your communication objectives allowing you to improve your business strategies.


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